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[Manga] Binbougami Ga! 02/ Enigma 06/ Medaka Box 68

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Something I found along the Walls of Hakoniwa Academy >.>

Hello folks' back again for another release here of three manga. Medaka Box, Enigma, and Binbougami Ga!. Aside from that, I did want to mention a neat little tidbit that I found out last week, which is that Enigma's author Sakaki Kenji is a woman and was recently married to Usuta Kyousuke, author of, now ended, Shonen Jump series Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

Marriage pics!

Now enjoy your regularly scheduled manga. (clickable links overwhelmingly won, enjoy them)

Binbougami Ga! Chapter 02
MediaFire: ?b5qyqptl969brbo
MegaUpload: JRVVYS08

Enigma Chapter 06
MediaFire: ?em3kf9aos4vv64j
MegaUpload: LAYXZ573

Medaka Box Chapter 68
MediaFire: ?9lyugnd66n692om
MegaUpload: EMMLPYO8

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HOLY CRAP!!!! SHE'S HOT!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"There are no toilets here so I guess you had to elegantly drop a load behind a tree."

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Lol at the wedding cake Razz


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I wonder if there're crazy otakus for hot female authors like they do for idols in Japan...

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Thank you for more Medaka Box!

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WOW! Finally. Someone is scanlating Binbougami Ga! I really registered here just to thank you guys!

I've read the oneshot a long time ago and wished for someone to scanlate this series. You made my dreams come true. Really, thank you very much!!

I'll keep on supporting you so keep up the good work guys!

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Thanks for the chapters^^

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Very Happy Very Happy Thanks for all the releases!!!

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Thank you for the new Enigma & for the new Medaka Box.

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