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[Manga] Kamisama Dolls 08/Enigma 05/Medaka Box 67

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Your guess is as good as mine

Here's a triple release for the day, finally bringing back Kamisama Dolls from the abyss. Expect other things coming back from that nasty abyss soon. Also it seems 4 to 3 people have voted for links, but I'm not satisfied with the results, so I'll keep the poll up:

In the mean time, enjoy your links.

Kamisama Dolls Chapter 08
MediaFire: ?f815argihhyqd7q
MegaUpload: 65OHVIVA
IRC ( !Kamisama08

Enigma Chapter 05
MediaFire: ?xma3rmjycoj4o2m
MegaUpload: 3U68GVV1
IRC ( !Enigma05

Medaka Box Chapter 67
MediaFire: ?1fae507pgu04kbd
MegaUpload: 4GI0YVIX
IRC ( !Medaka67

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Thanks for all those releases~
Medaka Box is quite heating up (even if I thought it would be a tad faster in this chapter but well...), and Enigma keeps getting interesting so far!
Now to catch up on Kamisama Dolls, ikuyo!

View user profile really work hard guys...3 release in one day Very Happy ...thanks...

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Thanks very much for your hard work Cross and the rest of CXC. I'm enjoying these recent events.

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Thanks for the chapters

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Thank you so much for this new chapters.

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Thanks for the releases!! especially for medaka and enigma afro

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