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manga suggestion: Bloody Cross

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1 manga suggestion: Bloody Cross on Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:36 pm

Hello. I am a man of very few words... so I'm just here to catch your interests in this new (or my new found) manga called: Bloody Cross.

details can be found on: Baka-updates (

NEW RAW Chapters can be found on: (
Indeed, the chapters can be found on a online manga reader but the quality does not disappoint just so you know...

as far as I know, the translators of these manga chapers (e.g. Stubburn One, Vagrant scans, Kuu) have probably dropped, went to hiatus or "possibly" forgotten this series. Currently translated chapters: 1-7

KEY INTERESTS: Reading the translated versions of the manga and trying to analyze the raw ones, I have to point out the major aspects of why this manga should catch your attention. *NO SPOILERS*

SUSPENSE- Action-packed from day one. Beginning to the newest chapter (as of now, chapter 15), this manga is enriched with fight scenes that are preferably enjoyable and does not stray away from the main plot. It also relies heavily on conversion that (judging from translated chapters) actually makes sense and are exciting to read.

COMEDY- progressing through the chapters, the author also manages to deliver hilarious dialogs ("side-story" dialogs before advancing through the main story) that are sure to tickle the senses. (It tickled mine... x.x)

STORY- .... just check it out?

well anyways, just here to inform you people about Bloody Cross

(To CXC staff: Your work is very much appreciated... ROCK ON!)

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