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ANKI HELP!! (KanjiStrokeOrder TrueType Font)

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1 ANKI HELP!! (KanjiStrokeOrder TrueType Font) on Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:54 pm

I have installed the KanjiStrokeOrder TrueType Font. Do I need to restart my laptop in order for this installed font to have its effect?.. Since I cant find it in the fonts in ANKI. *sigh* please help. thanks.. Smile

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I don't think you need to restart. Do you see the font in the list under Fonts in your Control Panel? Are you on Windows in the first place? Very Happy

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waaaaah! i got it! hahahaha. it was me just being underslept O.O damn it!!! thanks sir cmertb! i am now under my 115th kanji as of the moment.. and i shall take it all the way.. hahaha.

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