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a message from your friendly neigborhood stalker

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hello!! as you might know my dear friend kentra ,i am her close bud and stalk- I MEAN BUDDY! any way i will be in your hair for now till i get bored or get growned for the millionth time this week!so watch out cause i might hurt you, just kidding, ha ha ha ha Neutral naw im serious i will damege u............well bye-bye!

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very nice stalker we have apparently.

I shall be the all encompassing morass of justice and grammar, the lord of the lakes,the duke of the thesauri, the arch chancellor of the seen universities, and the taster of all things heath. My unofficial titles only extend to racer of tortoises, swimmer of oceans envoy of the lords of the abyssal regions rider of Shai Hulud,Cleaner of Scarlet mansions,and last known witness of Za Warudo still alive
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