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1 [Proofreader]application on Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:26 am

Hey , I wanna be a proofreader . I'm too free now , and i love cxc scanslation . So , ask me any time and i can do it . Here's my application

List any and all experience (whether you worked as a translator before or not) here:I've worked in some scanlations , but most of them became inactive

What Timezone do you live in?:Singapore

Do you know what IRC is?:No

If not, are you willing to learn?:I'm willing to learn anything

How much time do you believe you will have to dedicate to working with us?:5-7 hours a day

Which of our projects do you read?:To love ru XD(but i pretty much read everything)

What kind of manga would you like to work on assuming you join the group?:Anything
Are you prone to disappearing without a word?:No . LOL , y would i do tat for?

Do you have anything else about you that you want to mention about yourself?:Erm , i can answer anything u would ask me , in private , of course:3

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2 Re: [Proofreader]application on Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:36 am


I'm sorry, we're not recruiting proofreaders at the time being. If we are at a later time, I'll be sure to contact you.

But if I may add in, if you're applying for a proofreader position, it might do you good if your application had proper english grammar.

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