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[Manga/Announcement] Enigma 24/Recruitment

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1 [Manga/Announcement] Enigma 24/Recruitment on Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:45 pm



Will you sign the contract? Poyo

Hi friends, enjoy your weekly(?) release of Enigma'
Some cool stuff happens in this chapter, so take it all in.

Now, about recruitment, well it's been a while but we're recruiting for typesetters once again. As you can see, there are some things I want to get done (like Binbougami Ga!) but my lack of time prevents me from doing so what with me dedicating time to weekly/monthly releases. Therefore we are now recruiting for two typesetters. Of any experience really, but it'd make it much easier if you have previous experience.

So go ahead and apply here:

I will be really biased, but I'm not sure what that will actually entail. Also, to all of the proofreaders who have applied over the past months, I took a look at the application before I just edited it and we weren't really offering any spots for proofreaders. Sorry about that.

Enigma Chapter 24
MediaFire: ?d8v8cdall1787ib
MegaUpload: TWOMNURL

Mirrors (the links, for those who hate clicking :3):
Enigma Chapter 24

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2 Re: [Manga/Announcement] Enigma 24/Recruitment on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:55 pm

Thanks for the chapter

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Thank you so muuuuch Smile

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4 Re: [Manga/Announcement] Enigma 24/Recruitment on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:48 am

YaY, new Enigma, thanks a lot.

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Thanks for the chapter.

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