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Can I Request a Few Oneshots?

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1 Can I Request a Few Oneshots? on Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:33 pm

Hi! ^^
I've been wondering if I could request a few oneshots.
I've been dying to read these, and I'll be eternally grateful if you guys can do them. XD

Kiba & Kiba - Inagaki Riichiro + Ponjea
Enma Gavel - Shibata Yuusaku
Kurogane (Kurogana(?)) - Izekawa Haruto
Cyborg Rogii / Kaizou Ningen Rogii - Miki Yuu

All four of these have raws available at raw-distro.

If you consider even just one, I would be still be eternally grateful~!

*Crosses fingers*

Thanks for taking time to read this! >.<

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