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Hello (And this is the extra text to fullfill the number of characters)

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Well well well (x9)

Dear CXC Staff, first of all, thank you for all the releases that I've been reading for a long long time Very Happy Like TLR-D ; Medaka ; Enigma etc... so I thought It was time to sign up here. Smile

About me ? I'm a french 17 years old guy finishing his highschool days and reading mangas/watching anime/playing videogames in my free time Cool

Hope to see you soon Wink

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Allo! French eh? I've only known one other french guy... he hated me...... Crying or Very sad anyhoooo, welcome. What kind of games do you like? If you say first person shooters, then I know who that bastard was that shot me in Call of Duty was... or I'll just assume Razz

"There are no toilets here so I guess you had to elegantly drop a load behind a tree."

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