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iLessThan3U's Application

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1 iLessThan3U's Application on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:52 pm

I'll join as a proofreader

Do you have any experience in this position? If so, then elaborate:
I have some experience. Not much tho =/
I've worked on some manga as a typesetter/cleaner before.
I'm pretty much a stickler when it comes to spelling and grammar (Only when needed tho) So I hope that helps out

What Timezone do you live in?:
GMT -8 (Pacific Time)

Do you know what IRC is?:
Nope Sad

If not, are you willing to learn?:
Of course! Very Happy

How much time do you believe you will have to dedicate to working with us?:
Hmm... around 2-5 hours

Which of our projects do you read?:
To Love Ru Darkness and Maria Holic

What kind of manga would you like to work on assuming you join the group?:
I'll be open to working with anything Smile

Are you prone to disappearing without a word?:
That usually never happens. Unless i get grounded (Which is almost never)

Do you have anything else about you that you want to mention about yourself?:
I'm currently in my yearbook committee for my school so I hope that gives me some experience xD
Also I'm prone to making jokes so if i accidentally offend anyone, I hope that I can fix that habit

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